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Dear visitor,

Welcome to my blog! This is a site where I put some of my experiences and whatever I consider nice to share with the internet.

It seems I should say some words about myself in this space… well, perhaps the best adjective that can define me is curious. I am a curious person, with a genuine interest in a very wide range of hobbies – from technology to adrenaline sports, including traveling all over the world, cooking and (inevitably) cars. In fact, I love the world we live in, and maybe that’s why I like to capture some pieces of it and freeze it forever under the point of view of my camera. 100% of the photos you will see in this site are my own, or shot with my camera by someone else in the rare cases I prefer to appear in them.

Back in 2010 I decided to abandon my home country in order to live indefinitely in Prague, the physical core of Europe and in my eyes the best city in the world. Professionally, although I have studied Engineering, the international environment in which I work has allowed me to find my real vocation: help people with identifying their potential skills, find the way how they can develop them and finally allocate them appropriately in order to exceed our objectives. All of this in the particular frame of the IT industry, the ever changing world of which you will read a lot here.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the blog!


//JCM and The Stig in VMworld 2013, Barcelona.

//JCM and The Stig in VMworld 2013, Barcelona.