AMG Performance Driving Lessons

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As many of you already know, I am lately very determined in improving my driving skills, and I started to look for a good performance or race driving school in Czech Republic in order to get proper training (still unsuccessfully, due to the language barrier). Don’t worry, I do not plan to race anybody, just to have some fun with my own car on a track and set some lap times.

Searching the Internet I found out that AMG Driving Academy has released a very interesting series of 10 videos in Youtube that show some of the tips and tricks they teach during their lessons. The episodes are led by former race driver Tommy Kendall as well as other AMG profesional instructors.

If you prefer to watch them individually instead of the whole playlist, then here you have the episodes one by one:

Lesson 1 – The Basics: Seating Adjustment & Line of Sight

Lesson 2 – Breaking: Threshold and Trail

Lesson 3 – Slalom Driving

Lesson 4 – Understeer and Oversteer

Lesson 5 – Line Technique

Lesson 6 – Electronic Stability Program (Traction Control)

Lesson 7 – Drifting

Lesson 8 – Lead Follow

Lesson 9 – Racecraft: racing other cars

Lesson 10 – Hot Laps

It seems I will need to look for such training out of the Czech Republic – luckily, Germany is just around the corner 🙂